How To Last Longer In Bed With Beyond Delay By Mike Anderson

BDFor guys who first experience premature ejaculation it can be quite overwhelming when they start trying to learn how to last longer in bed, with a number of options to choose from. Until recently many of these options were prohibitively expensive such as taking premature ejaculation pills or medication, or seeing a specialist face to face.  Well Mike Anderson’s exciting new program for men may just change all that. In fact this is the first time guys have had access to this kind of expert level coaching without having to actually visit an expert in the field in person.

The program is called Beyond Delay and it’s been designed by Mike to give more guys access to the methods he teaches in his face to face consultations. As his time is limited and he is constantly booked out for months ahead for his consultations (costing $2000 for 6 weeks), Mike saw writing this book as the best way to get this really important stuff into the hands of guys suffering in silence with premature ejaculation who really need it. It’s also priced very reasonably at only $49 although it will almost certainly be rising soon when published by an external publishing house.

I won’t spent to long here explaining about all methods and techniques in the program as Mike does a great job of that on this page which explains how to last longer through the use of this program. But I will say that it’s very well structured and easy to follow, focusing on step by step instructions with clear explanations of how to complete each step plus why it is effective.

Unlike almost every other book on premature ejaculation Beyond Delay does not have an “Affiliate scheme”. Books with affiliate schemes tend to have a lot of fake positive reviews written for them as the affiliate reviewer will often make around 50% of the price of the book for his fake referral.

You can also download the Beyond Delay pdf risk free as it has a 60 day money back guarantee offered by Mike.

Book: Beyond Delay

Author: Mike Anderson

Where to get it:

Rating: 10/10