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A Simple Mindset Change To Last Longer In Bed For Men

I’m always skeptical when I hear people talking about a mindset change. And how you can just change one tiny part of your thinking to solve what you thought was an insurmountable problem.

But if you are a guy who is trying to last longer in bed I think this quick change to the way you think about sex can really help you. It certainly helped me when I complete a training program to last longer in bed and today I’m going to share it with you.

How To Think About The Ejaculation Process

It involves how you think about ejaculation during sex and its timing.

I used to think that when I started having sex it would start to feel good. Really good. And then I would get closer and closer to orgasm. This would happen way too soon and I always thought of it like pressure building up and up as sex went on until I got to a point where I just couldn’t hold it anymore.

I think just about all guys think like this, especially those guys who have a hard time lasting in bed. But when I was completing the Ejaculation Freedom training program the coach Dan made a really good point about this and it helped me a lot.

The Ejaculation Mindset Change

I learned to change my thinking so that my arousal level was more like a wave that could go up or down. But there was no pressure building towards the inevitable ejaculation.

It helped a lot that I was also learning other skills that I could use to help bring my arousal down a notch or 2. This allowed me to experience firsthand that I could be almost on the brink of orgasm and that I could then bring myself to a place where I was in total control.

Edging Exercises

When I did some edging exercises this was also reinforced because after a few weeks of training I realized that the more times I got close to ejaculation and could pull back successfully, the more confident I felt that I was in control.

Once the edging exercises were complete and I started using the same mindset during actual sex I realized that it was the same.

Try This Mindset Change For Yourself

So why not try this mindset change for yourself. Alone it probably makes a huge difference and it’s good to combine it with a good training program but it’s a great easy first step that you can make to move in the right direction.





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